Billy's Daily Drops - June 25th

Decent airdrops with potential.
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Mon Jun 25, 2018 8:08 pm

Market is shit, Billy drank all weekend lol. - Cosplay token. Not sure of the specifics, Telegram is the only requirement. Cosplay, so it’ll probably be bigger than sliced bread. - 40 LQ8 ($4) Telegram, Twitter, Facebook. Easy Telegram bot. - 10 BZS ($4) Telegram, Facebook, Twitter. Requires a NEO wallet address. - 100,000 PEX tokens. Telegram, Twitter and retweet. – 115 BAILS ($4.25). Telegram, Facebook, Twitter. – Sign up for this. It takes 30 seconds. I don’t know if this is the next huge thing, or something silly, haven’t had the time to look into it yet. Looks super legit though. If you want, here’s a 45 second video about it . You can also mine this coin with a full node wallet, or standalone miner, so I’ll dig more into this in the upcoming days and give an update. It’s invite only, and there’s limited invites, so first come, first serve on this invite link. ... f738eede93 - 12 ACM (~$7) will be airdropped after the token sale in November. Sign up on the website (I did a previous airdrop for these guys, so I already had an account) Telegram and Twitter. - 5 LAMB – Telegram only. Unsure of worth or project. Bot is a little slow, but not too bad. – 1.5 ICC. Telegram only. There’s different “tiers” of this airdrop, but all require a purchase of tokens. Just say no, enter your details, and get signed up for the basic airdrop. – Sign up for the website and do the social tasks. This is one of those tiered airdrops, but if you do Twitter, Telegram, and Facebook, you’re guaranteed a spot. Doesn’t look like too many people are in this, so I’d advise doing this one. – 12 OSA tokens. Telegram and sign up on the website.
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