Billy's Daily Drops - June 14th

Decent airdrops with potential.
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Thu Jun 14, 2018 7:44 pm

Still going through all the airdrops I missed, only up to June 4th. Filtering through the garbage, scams, and ones that already ended. I’ll be getting a lot done this weekend hopefully, so one of these nights I should be posting a HUGE list lol. Had 2 more listed below, but I received an email from them shortly after completing the airdrop, and it was a scam (trying to get me to sign into a phishing MEW site) Be safe out there! - 5 BRZC ($4.25) – 1 BRZC for each social media (can do some or all) Reddit, Twitter, tweet, Telegram, Instagram. 200 million tokens total circulation, and the project is trying to combine blockchain-based cryptocurrency technology with the real estate investments. Could end up being decent. Please use for the referral - QZ (1 QZ = 0.01 USD) International p2p marketplace that connects players of bloggers native advertising market with IT startups. You literally only need to click on the activity to get credit for it (don’t need to verify outside of Twitter), so I’m not sold on it. Whitepaper looks good, and 100 million tokens total, so meh, worth a quick stab. It’s a bounty where you get entries, and can do it daily, and once it’s complete, entries are turned into tokens. I dunno, it was easy. ... g/viewform - 100 BFN ($12.5) Telegram, Facebook, Twitter. Go to their site and enter your email for 20% more tokens (signing up for whitelist). Whitepaper looks okay. 210 million supply. Please use for the referral – CoinPulse tokens. It’s another exchange. Sign up, join Telegram, get tokens on the exchange when it goes live July 1st. I said this before, these aren’t my favorite, but if one of these new exchanges hit it big and do well, it’ll be a solid score. – I’m going to keep shilling this until every single person I know that is into crypto is doing it. BY FAR my favorite daily activity that I really think could be a huge score in very little time. Use Presearch search engine for searching online and get 0.25 PRE tokens per search up to 32 times per a day. That’s 8 PRE tokens PER DAY JUST FOR USING A SEARCH ENGINE. Already listed on multiple exchanges and trading at 0.15 right now even in this trash market. - SGT tokens (NEO blockchain, but they’re not collecting addresses yet). Do social media tasks, get coins. Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, etc. Didn’t look into it since it’s not asking for a wallet yet, but did the tasks. – Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, then sign up on the site. Creates a private LOC wallet (ERC20 based) for you and gives you the public address and mnemonic phrase. Actually legit and you can see it on Etherscan. You can put your ERC20 wallet in and transfer the tokens. Mine are still verifying the social media activities, so haven’t tried to transfer out yet. - 22.5 GEX ($4.5) – Pretty awesome Telegram bot. Telegram, Facebook (share), Twitter (retweet). Easy peasy.
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