Billy's Daily Drops - June 13th

Decent airdrops with potential.
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Wed Jun 13, 2018 7:53 pm

Alright, back in action. I have HUNDREDS of airdrops to go through, and hundreds of emails. It’s going to take a few days to get back on track, as most of the older ones are closed, but here’s what I have for tonight. I appreciate the people who wait for these sticking around. Absolutely no better time to turn away from the charts and hammer out some airdrops when we're in a vicious downtrend. - 80,000 JTOKEN (50k tokens = 1 Wave token, so around $5 at current price) – Twitter, Telegram, Retweet and tag 5 friends. Please use @Beccasaurus for the referral – 15 MAKEAFOLIO ($5.25) Did this one before vacation, think it was just Telegram, Twitter, and retweet. ... eccasaurus – 250,000 Cyber (Trading on EtherDelta, so current worth 0.025 ETH) Telegram, Twitter, retweet and tag 5 friends. Please use @Beccasaurus for the referral ... 375133ee8a - 50 COUP (~$5) REQUIRES A NEO WALLET ADDRESS. Telegram, Twitter, and Re-tweet. Solid airdrop and project. - 30 SHPT ($3) – Telegram bot. Telegram, Twitter, Facebook and share. Easy peasy. - 12 WPT ($1.50 USD) Telegram and email ... 145554158b - 45 TXO Tokens (~$5) Phase 5 of the airdrop. If you’ve done any of the other phases, your info should still be there and just click “update form”. If not, it’s only a Twitter and Telegram join. Easy. - 10 PRS ($5) – Telegram, Facebook, and Twitter + like and retweet. Please use @Beccasaurus for the referral – 25 ABDT ($15) REQUIRED A STELLAR WALLET. SUPER easy, only a Twitter follow and retweet!
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