Billy's Daily Drops - May 16th

Decent airdrops with potential.
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Wed May 16, 2018 8:32 pm

Okay, a lot tonight, but I was a few days behind on the super easy ones (email only at the end). List won’t be this big going forward, as I’ll stick to doing and posting them daily!

25 Presearch tokens – I may have talked about this one a few days ago, but I found out something I didn’t know then. Presearch is trading on numerous exchanges and is listed on CMC! Presearch is an open, decentralized search engine that rewards community members with Presearch Tokens for their usage, contribution to, and promotion of the platform. It’s a search engine (and looks pretty amazing) which rewards you with tokens every time you search something in it. Looks like the referral program is strict (you don’t get anything unless the person you refer used the engine to generate 100 coins for themselves), but this is amazing. Free crypto for using a search engine!!

190 SWCH ($6.65) – Email and ETH address only. Stupid easy

500 WDC – Chinese website, top right, click the big “english” button – ETH address, then confirm on telegram, super easy

100 LNW – Easy Telegram bot, 100 tokens for joining, 100 more for each Twitter, Facebook, and Medium. Up to 400. Super easy

300 NEXO tokens ($66) Ummm…this is already listed on CMC and traded on multiple exchanges. If you do nothing else tonight, 100% do this one. Please use my Telegram referral when signing up @Billysaurus42 ... Q/viewform

398 CSZ ($18 USD) – It’s a trading platform, so just create an account. I’m not a huge fan of signing up for exchanges I’ll probably never use, but this one gives you the tokens, so if the exchange ends up doing really well, it may be a solid drop. Easy anyways, so worth it.

12 DTC coins – Bot was SUPER laggy, so may need to wait a bit after you send the command to enter your email and ETH address. Meh, this one is weird. There’s half naked cartoon girl stickers sent by the bot after every command, probably why it’s so laggy.

GCOX – You get 1 token for signing up, and 1 for following their Twitter. Anything that offers 1 or 2 tokens only is either absolute trash, or potentially amazing. Worth a stab for a minute or two.

30 KMC tokens – Requires an ASCH wallet. I used to skip these, seen 3-4 requiring this wallet in the past few days so finally created one. Can create one in 2 seconds here Outside of that it’s Telegram only.

CargoCoin – Sign up, wait for email verification (mine took almost an hour) Do as many or as little social tasks for coins (I joined Telegram and did a re-tweet) Says you should only do 1-2 a day. Bounty Hunter program, so you can keep doing this daily if you want, or just stop at that.

220 NAY (10$) – Email only ... 9b1eebcd50

180 LRUM (9$) - Email only ... 4785316c8c

250 DENX (5$) - Email only

320 SEAM (12.8$) - Email only

200 KEEC (5$) - Email only ... 4a53197ec6

200 STRAWSY (16$) - Email only

290 WAYS (13$) - Email only

300 TESA (0.015 eth) - Email only ... ac0722b375

190 KANVS (3$) - Email only ... c48b3fc2cb

250 TAYN ($7.5) - Email only

100 VAPW (2$) - Email only

300 NEEK (0.024 eth) - Email only
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