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Sat Jun 02, 2018 8:27 am

In random order:
1 Suppoman - (too) often called a scammer or paid shiller. He gives good information and always good tips to get early into new coins. DYOR and never follow blindly. Then Suppoman can be very helpful.
2 ReadySetCrypto - good analysis
3 CryptoDaily - most of the time a funny and entertaining view on the things happening in crypto
4 Boxmining -
5 Philakone - daily short-term trader. Takes relative small and short profits based on TA.
6 CryptoCandor - especially her analysis of crypto's are good.
7 CryptoSniper - trader
8 CryptoZombie -
9 AltcoinBuzz -
10 IvanOnTech -
Filling in the rest of the information in the next days
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