LMC (LoMoCoin) to the (LoMo) Stars! Or to the Moon. Well somewhere celestial at least!

LMC (LoMoCoin) is, in my opinion, one of the most underrated “alt” coins out there currently. Much of that opinion comes from my own addiction to their social app, LoMoStar, which I’ve been on, much of the day, pretty much every single day since I installed it a couple months ago.

LoMoStar Is the company behind LoMoCoin but also the name of their incredible “social economy” app. This app powers, and will power, much more than is immediately evident. At it’s most basic aspect, it’s a limited chat app with user created groups of various topics and languages. Beyond chatting users can share any of a number of coins with each other with what’s known as “red envelopes”, a method to share a set amount of coin with a set amount of people, though coin amount is split up randomly with those opening it. This may seem like a strange concept if you have never used the app…”why would I want to give away my coin to random people”?, well that is the “social” part and the sharing inspires others to share. You might start out with a handful of one type of coin and end up with a decent amount of many types of coins. This act of generous sharing is also inspired by one of the big ideas behind the LoMoStar app/team, of doing open airdrops of many up and coming coins within the app. Based on partnerships with other coins, LoMoStar will often do massive random airdrops of coins in-app and anyone is free to collect. The most recent example would be the 150 million BTK that LoMoStar and BitcoinToken gave away over a few day period. Many users then use this new stash of coins they received for free to share back and forth with other users as well as take part in user created challenges, giveaways and user created games of chance, among other things. If this all sounds too confusing, it’s much easier to get an idea after installing the app.

A couple other awesome standout features of the LoMoStar app, the app itself is also a self contained wallet for a growing number of differing coins. All the premier coins (BTC, ETH, LTC…) are there, of course, but also a decent and growing number of alt coins are represented. Some well known but also many brand new, pre-ICO, coins are available to store. Why? Well besides having a handy mobile wallet that holds all sorts of coins in one place, one of the most exciting features of LoMoStar app is the OTC coin trading market. This mini exchange is available to trade most of the coins you hold in your in-app wallet and there are deals to be made. Although many coin prices are comparable to any full exchange’s prices, there are many that are set for lower prices as the trades are made by users who might not be as savvy with exchange rates and many who are just happy to trade coins they got for free for other coins they really want. For many, using the LoMoStar app t2t trading feature, this is the first opportunity to ever own their own BTC! Most full blown exchanges can be extremely overwhelming to someone who has never used one but trading coins in LoMoStar, with other users who have become friends thanks to the social aspect of the app, it can be fun and easy.

Although some aspects of the LoMoStar app feel like they are still in beta and not quite ready for the masses, for all that it does already, it’s pretty impressive and unlike anything else on the market or app store. This app has the potential to put the crypto world in the hands of everyone, grandmas and grand kids alike. Consumers and shopkeepers. Advertisers and eyeballs…that actually want to see and interact with the ads. Beyond all the features above, one of the deep down aspects that is still currently in the works is a “local mode”. Think google maps with crypto. Actually, a better comparison would be PokemonGo for the crypto world. One where you are rewarded actual coins for exploring your neighborhood marketplaces, get time based rewards and even timely location based coupons/coin rebates for purchases made at businesses you are around. Maybe you’ll be walking by a Starbucks and get a notification on your LoMoStar app that Starbucks will reward you with .0000700 BTC and give you $1 off to go through the door try their exciting new pumpkin sausage latte! Local view has many exciting potential features and is just one of the many planned expansions of the app.

LoMoStar app a great new and exciting way to start collecting many different coins and they are already doing cool things we haven’t seen before with many more cool things to come. It’s not perfect though, yet. But beyond a few bugs and issues, it is an amazing global app, with a global community all with a shared interest in the universal language of crypto.

If you want to join this community and grab some free coin, download the app and create an account. it’s completely free and most all features are free. Others might require the use of some of your freely collected coins (like trading coins, obviously). Do note though, if you collect coins from envelopes that other users generously share, do consider also sharing yourself as you start to collect a stash. “Hoarders”, while perfectly within your right to do so, are less appreciated when they only take and never share. beyond breaking the whole “pay it forward” feel of the community, not sharing will mean you won’t be invited to some of the more private groups and often those groups have even more generous sharing going on.

You can download the app through the link below. If you appreciate the information provided here you can reward me by using my “INVITE CODE” and I’ll get a small reward. Depending on when you are reading this and what promos LoMoStar is currently doing, you may also get a bonus of a handful of coins to start you off!

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LoMoStar app is available for both Android and Apple cell phones. You can download both from the app store of your choice, links to either from the LoMoStar official site




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