Let’s be honest for a minute. Most crypto coin airdrops flat out suck.

There, I said it. Done.

Ok, maybe a bit harsh but the vast majority of airdrops leave a lot to be desired. Maybe beggars can’t be choosers but they can still be selective. Free coins are all good, and usually appreciated, but many airdrop campaigns are merely social spamfest with a bunch of extra hoops to jump through. Then often the airdrop rewards are too small to even collect, often getting stranded on the coin website because it doesn’t meet minimum withdrawal/transfer threshold. Others never seem to actually be sent to your wallet. In the mean time, all your social feed friends hate you for spamming all those tacky banner ads (especially if you are scrounging and doing dozens in one sit-down ;P). Free coins are always appreciated but at the end of the day if they don’t end up in your wallet then it’s all wasted effort. And the mass spam likely causes animosity towards those sharing, the projects in question and the crypto market in general.

Someone clearly could do it better…right?

Here comes the shill! You knew it was coming, I’m sure. I mean the qualifier “Most” in the title should have been clue that we would transition to airdrop goodness that doesn’t suck like the rest. Honest truth though, not just trying to pump a coin/app, I really do think this is a better method and the results are impressive. If you’ve been paying attention to the website and articles so far you likely noticed a heavy LMC/LoMoStar slant and, yes, this is another such article. I like LMC. I like the LoMoStar app. And I love the vision of the LoMoStar team and their plans for the near and far future. But back on topic, airdrops that don’t suck so much and actually make the process painless and profitable.

For those that haven’t used the LoMoStar app yet, it’s basically a simple “social economy” chat app. Meaning there are chat rooms where people can have discussions, share coins with each other and yes, even share memes. Sharing of coins is done with digital representation of “envelopes” which gives a set number of people a random amount from a set amount of coin per envelope. For example, I can share 10 LMC with 100 people and each of the 100 that open that envelope will get a random amount of LMC. They then can store it in the in-app wallet, trade it on the OTC trade market or even use it towards their own sharing.

LoMoStar Airdrops are done in a similar manner but on a much larger scale. During an event (maybe one time thing or maybe a week long event) the LoMoStar team will select random times to drop envelopes on what is called the “world view” page. These evelopes are set for thousands of people each with thousands to tens of thousands of coins each and they often drop 10-50 envelopes at a time. Meaning HUGE potential to rack up the coins. Easy, free and instant. No retweeting needed, no spamming Facebook required. The only real downside is you need to be in app during the “random” (usually common times) airdrops they do so you can collect your share of coins.

LoMoStar has partnered with a good handful of coins/projects to bring these airdrops withing the app, with more constantly being added. Yes, many are unknown, pre-ICO, and have no known value. Because of that some people have been known to suggest the airdrops are all just *shitcoin* parties and a waste of time. But that is a pretty shortsighted view, not to mention flat out wrong, and LoMoStar actually has a pretty solid record for choosing coins that have been shared so far. Some of the earlier coins (meaning airdropped a few months ago) that have already done pretty well are MGD, RED, RUFF, DCON…even CFUN is showing a lot of potential and growth. Other coins are still waiting for ICO and/or to be listed on exchange to see what kind of valuation they will have but that doesn’t mean they are junk. Of all the coins that LoMoStar has airdropped for their partners, none have been failures and all have shown value in even just a couple months so far. And the amounts people can collect make traditional airdrop methods look like a joke in many cases. Many LoMoStar users are collecting many hundreds, thousands or even more of all these coins for every event! Those that find they have coins they don’t love or believe in then have a very easy, built in, way to trade other users for the coins they do want to back.

This partnership method is also great for the teams behind the coins being airdropped. Along with a built in audience and automatic excitement for their coins, they also become part of the community and are granted their own managed discussion groups that they control and all those people who collect from the airdrop are automatically added to those groups. So now these new coins have tens of thousands of excited users who they can start chatting with, sharing their projects and ideas, linking to all their social accounts and information websites and just, in general, continue the community excitement for their project. Their coins will then also likely become part of the internal trading market which can often be the only way some of these pre-ICO and pre-exchange coins can be exchanged.

Off the top of my head, here is a list of the airdrops I’ve seen/taken part in withing LoMoStar: CFUN, MGD, DCON, ALI, RUFF, RED, CDY, THM, CRE, USO, BTK, VAR, LYS ….As well as small one/few time drops of more established coins like XMR, EOS, TRX and more I’m likely forgetting. Those are just the official airdrops but there are many user shared envelopes with even more variety of coin including the usual BTC, ETH and LTC.

Were you there to collect your share of the 40k MGD that was airdropped in LoMoStar app? Did you grab some of the 5 million USO or 150 million BTK more recently? Based on their track record you might want to HODL those coins! Missed all of them so far because you don’t have the LoMostar app yet? Well get on that, the app is waiting and the airdrops continue. You might have just missed the VAR and LYS coins that were rained down on us these past few days but there are more coming. And with the great generous group of users already in app constantly sharing the coins they have, you should still end up with a nice collection of coins just by joining in. It’s still early, you can still be an early adopter in LoMoStar, LMC and the many nice new coins that are given away. If you get the app now you will also make it before the next new awesome feature is released…in-app ICO! Meaning you will be able to go on the app to grab up a bunch of great free coins from airdrops and then also be able to actually invest, very early (read CHEAP), in some of those projects within the app. Some might have exclusive ICO in the app meaning LoMoStar may be the only place you will be able to get pre-ICO/ICO coins before they hit the mass market and jump in price. All this in one convenient spot! All without jumping through silly hoops, spamming your social circle or begging for referrals to get a few measly airdrop coins.

LoMoStar is the new way to do airdrops. The right way. But, of course, I may be biased now because I’m sitting on hundreds/thousands/tens of thousands of up and coming coins that I got for free just for catching the many, many airdrops inside LoMoStar.

Shill complete!

Or is it…

You can download the LoMoStar app through the link below. If you appreciate the information provided here you can reward me by using my “INVITE CODE” and I’ll get a small reward. Depending on when you are reading this and what promos LoMoStar is currently running, you may also get a bonus of a handful of coins to start you off!

—>>> INVITE CODE: 15G4cv

LoMoStar app is available for both Android and Apple cell phones. You can download both from the app store of your choice, links to either from the  >> LoMoStar official site <<

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One thought on “Let’s be honest for a minute. Most crypto coin airdrops flat out suck.”

  1. Nice write up Scilynt. I enjoy the app too and would agree that so far so good with Lomostar picking projects to support as far as growth potential. I know I enjoy the social aspect of the app as well. The fact that their are a lot of really good chat groups where people have fun and are of a like ‘crypto’ mindset. Even if you have to stick around for the random airdrops in worldview, its at least entertaining. ‘Crypto Marriages’, Chat group competitions and all types of good head start information, Lomostar is ome of my top 5 used apps daily. Keep up the good work brother!

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