We are giving away 250 LMC (LoMoCoin)!

So the website is setup and we are starting to add content. Now the forums are setup, looking nice and ready for people to use them! To help get more users and more activity we decided to give away some of that LMC that we want to HODL so bad lol. There are 5 different chances to win and everyone is eligible. So come in and sign up for the DotDriven Forums and check out the giveaway info thread. Although we are new, many of your friends might already be in there!

Let’s be honest for a minute. Most crypto coin airdrops flat out suck.

There, I said it. Done.

Ok, maybe a bit harsh but the vast majority of airdrops leave a lot to be desired. Maybe beggars can’t be choosers but they can still be selective. Free coins are all good, and usually appreciated, but many airdrop campaigns are merely social spamfest with a bunch of extra hoops to jump through. Then often the airdrop rewards are too small to even collect, often getting stranded on the coin website because it doesn’t meet minimum withdrawal/transfer threshold. Others never seem to actually be sent to your wallet. In the mean time, all your social feed friends hate you for spamming all those tacky banner ads (especially if you are scrounging and doing dozens in one sit-down ;P). Free coins are always appreciated but Continue reading “Let’s be honest for a minute. Most crypto coin airdrops flat out suck.”

How to mine LMC

Ok, the title is a lie. What a way to start an article! LMC (LoMoCoin) actually uses POS (Proof of Stake) method so there isn’t an actual way to “mine” LMC. Proof of Stake just means you take coins you already have, store them in your wallet and don’t move them for a set amount of time. You then earn “interest” (for lack of proper term, as far as I know) from staking those coins. Also called “Minting” some times. Nice free coins for doing nothing! The only real problem here is… Continue reading “How to mine LMC”

LMC (LoMoCoin) to the (LoMo) Stars! Or to the Moon. Well somewhere celestial at least!

LMC (LoMoCoin) is, in my opinion, one of the most underrated “alt” coins out there currently. Much of that opinion comes from my own addiction to their social app, LoMoStar, which I’ve been on, much of the day, pretty much every single day since I installed it a couple months ago.

LoMoStar Is the company behind LoMoCoin but also the name of their incredible “social economy” app. This app powers, and will power, much more than is immediately evident. At it’s most basic aspect Continue reading “LMC (LoMoCoin) to the (LoMo) Stars! Or to the Moon. Well somewhere celestial at least!”