Ways to cash out your BTC (Canadians only)

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Fri May 11, 2018 8:24 pm

My preferred way at the moment is through Bylls. There are three things you can do on that trustworthy website: pay a bill, send to a bank account, and send to a friend. As of yet, I have only tried the first two possibilities. What the site will do is give you a (15 minutes) frozen BTC to CAD exchange rate, which allows for you to send at their address said BTC amount for, let's say, a $100 dollar deposit you wish to do in your bank account. These initial operations (set rate and amount, then send and get confirmation) run smoothly, and after 2 or 3 working days you get the money at your destination of choice.

Plus, every time you performed a transfer step, they credit you with $0.15. So far, I've done three transactions and I'm at $0.90.

Here are limited referral links for you to use in order to register for this very useful service (if the one you tried isn't working please try another one, it probably means the first one you clicked as already been used):

https://bylls.com/signup?referralcode=0 ... 95649c040c

https://bylls.com/signup?referralcode=e ... 8c40e8adaf

https://bylls.com/signup?referralcode=b ... 374a512a8e

https://bylls.com/signup?referralcode=2 ... 0cb9a032d6

https://bylls.com/signup?referralcode=f ... 9e6f95fda8

https://bylls.com/signup?referralcode=4 ... 73b3d28bec

https://bylls.com/signup?referralcode=5 ... 53eeb12e14

https://bylls.com/signup?referralcode=0 ... d4bb58a12c

https://bylls.com/signup?referralcode=0 ... 203b8a8691

https://bylls.com/signup?referralcode=5 ... 19b997358f
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Another way I used before is through Instacoin ATMs. I've tried both ways of transacting, buying and selling Bitcoin. Both went relatively fine. For deposit, I printed the QR code of my wallet address on a piece of paper (it was before I had a cell phone), but for withdrawal, I had to wait about 20-30 minutes in order to receive the second code on my cell, which I had to enter in the machine before getting my cash (probably the time it took for transaction confirmations). It's not really a problem because you can leave the ATM, go on with your business, and only come back later at the time you want to cash out.

I just checked, they now have 82 locations across Canada (when I first discovered their site they had like 40 something), spread across 6 provinces. Most are in Quebec or Ontario. To be noted: exchange rates may vary from location to location and some ATMs you can only buy, some you can both sell and buy.

Here is their site for you to visit:

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A third possibility is to use QuadrigaCX, a Canadian Cryptocurrency exchange platform:

https://www.quadrigacx.com/?ref=9qrrg5l ... zdwcc4blws

There you can send Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum, or you can fund your account with Canadian or American dollars. Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Gold are also part (like the other type of currencies mentioned above) of the trading pairs.

You can cash out you Canadian dollars by one these methods:

-Express Bank Transfer
-Cash Delivery
-Direct Bank Transfer / EFT
-Bank Wire
-Crypto Capital
-QCX Voucher
-Gift Card

See their website for all the specific details.
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Sun May 13, 2018 7:22 pm

And for those from all around the world (68 countries including Canada), looking for any ATM (not only Instacoin) whatsoever (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether, Dash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Zcash, and Monero), Coin ATM Radar is the website to visit:


Here is the map for Canada (512 tellers in total):

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I have also used QuadrigaCX - seems to be a good site and I've never had issues. Another Canadian site I have used and would recommend is ezBtc https://www.ezbtc.ca/register?referral_ ... oewbimxczk
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