Earn Synereo (AMP) tokens by AMPing social media content

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Fri May 11, 2018 4:08 pm

If you're not being paid for your attention, then you are the product! Join the crypto social revolution: https://wildspark.me/?wsref=599528710ffe106850e29a31

With Google's demonetization hitting YouTubers, Synereo's Chrome extension named WildSpark is one of the best alternatives as a source of revenue for content creators. And now the extension as reached even further, allowing not only for videos (from YouTube) to be AMPed, but also for memes (Imgur), and blogs (Medium), to produce income for the creators! And the curators get to earn as well! It's very easy to use. Install the extension, sign up with a Facebook verification at their website, and you'll receive your 5 AMP sign-up bonus to get you started.

The logic of AMPing is simple. Any time a video, a blog, or a meme, is AMPed by a WildSpark user, one third goes to the creator, another to the prior AMPer, and the last third goes as a fractional distribution among this material's chain of AMPers. There is also a weekly leaderboard where the best AMPers (in terms of AMP tokens) get to be rewarded with more AMP tokens by Synereo. Anybody can do it, curating simply means to AMP the content, thus producing a link that can be shared anywhere on the web to be further AMPed by others!
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